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Get an “Intro To Video” with Izzy Video


I subscribe to a few different video training programs so I can keep up to speed on how other video professionals are perfecting their craft and, just today, I received an announcement from Izzy Video that he’s selling a new discounted version of his normal membership specifically designer for beginners. (NOTE: I’m not receiving any commission for this — I just wanted to share the good news with my readers, many of whom are also video beginners.) (more…)


David Lynch among the 2010 Webby Award Nominees

The Webby Awards come around once a year to recognize the best of the web in categories such as Websites, Interactive Advertising, and — my personal favorite — Online Film and Video. Since 1997, they’ve been helping the average web-surfer navigate the neverending ocean of content to spotlight who’s making the best use of web tools and technology. (more…)

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