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How To Make a Bad Corporate Video in 5 Easy Cheesy Steps

It ain't easy being cheesy

It ain't easy being cheesy

Let’s face it: sometimes corporate video is just so bad it’s good. This is especially true when I see archival stuff from the 80’s. Recently, however, I see small businesses jumping on the bandwagon to get an internet video for their website and are willing to go with anything as long as they get a video posted.

Either they are trying to give their ad an awkward local commercial vibe or they just don’t realize they’re heading down the path to cheesy video stardom. In either case, here are 5 easy tips to help you look your cheesiest: (more…)


YouTube Video Marketing Strategy #1: Channel Your Inner Lady Gaga

male version of Lady Gaga

male version of Lady Gaga

Getting your internet video seen among the millions of options on YouTube takes a lot of luck and a little bit of strategy. This is the first of what will be an ongoing series of posts on the topic of YouTube viral video marketing strategies. My first piece of advice for getting your video to go viral (i.e. getting it shared between friends by the thousands and hopefully millions) is to channel your inner Lady Gaga. (more…)


Testimonial Videos: are yours FTC Compliant?

As Eminem would say, "the FTC won't let me be or let me be me, so let me see..."

FTC: friend or foe?

Testimonial videos have long been listed as one of the best ways to promote you or your business on the internet. With how easy it is to pull out a miniature camcorder and shoot a video testimonial with your past clients and customers, I’ve noticed that more and more people are getting started with web video so they can capture these testimonials themselves. But could it be dangerous to post a testimonial video considering the recent guidelines published by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC)? With the 2009 FTC guidance on testimonials and endorsements, there are a few important things to keep in mind when planning your next testimonial video: (more…)

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Does nice lighting and sound truly make for a Better Internet Video?

I’ve been struggling with something lately. In the social media world where content is king, does having better production values (i.e. lighting and sound) really make for a better internet video? When I started this blog, I believed that being able to clearly see and hear your subject was crucial to being taken seriously on YouTube. Now however, I’m starting to wonder if maybe the raw element of shaky YouTube videos can help add to a person’s authenticity. Maybe high production values actually work against you. I posted this question to several different forums (more…)


Uploading HD video to YouTube

For the past few months, I’ve been uploading videos to YouTube in HD (high definition) using the 720p compression preset in QuickTime. But there’s a problem. After the upload, I play my video in YouTube and the only options are 360p and 480p. How do I get the 720p (or HD) option for my video which was shot and edited at 1280 x 720 resolution? Below is a quick video from a fellow YouTuber who obviously shares my frustration. (more…)

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Helping Google Find Your Videos Using Captions

For a sample of what closed captioning looks like, you can click on the viewing options button at the bottom-right of your video player in YouTube.

YouTube closed captioning button

Most people know that it’s important to label your video with keywords in the title and tags to help with the search engine optimization, but there’s another thing that can also help google index your videos so it’s easier for people to find them. What is the magic ingredient I’m talking about? Captions. Not only do they help out your hearing-impaired audience, but they also provide even more keywords for google to draw from. Here’s how I added captions for my video, “FCP Muscle Memory.” (more…)

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7 Tips for Better and Faster Video Editing

Are you trying to get the hang of Final Cut Pro? The thing everyone needs to grasp when starting out with FCP is just a little muscle memory. My 7 “muscle tips” are: (more…)


How To Make a Real Estate Video That Sells

Build instant buzz around your next piece of real estate — and your other properties too — using a YouTube video. Here’s a list of suggestions for a video that will fill your next open house with interested buyers: (more…)

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