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Pros and Cons of recording video with a DSLR

The Canon EOS 7D is a video producer's best friend

Make your video look like film with Canon EOS

The new DSLR’s — digital still cameras with interchangable lenses — have recently been getting the attention of a lot of video (and film) producers because of their amazing ability to create video which is on par with the most expensive HD cameras. Case in point: the season finale of “House” was shot entirely on the Canon EOS 5D Mark II DSLR. Click below for a sample of what the footage looks like.


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Best Camcorder for Video Blogging on YouTube

Which consumer camera should you use for your close-up?

Which camcorder will best capture your close-up?

I’m often asked what is the best consumer video camera (i.e. something for $300 or less) to buy for someone looking to get started with video blogging on YouTube. Maybe you don’t plan on reviewing products or sharing your innermost thoughts with the world, so I use the word “video blogging” loosely. Even if you just want to purchase an inexpensive camera to record video testimonials, here’s 3 simple rules of thumb to consider: (more…)


Video Tact: Do You Think Before Hitting the Record Button?

I’ve heard it said many times that you should be careful what you write in social networking sites because your words could last forever. How about with video? With all the video blogs out there, it’s pretty easy to just hit that shiny red Record button and start ranting about something you’re fired up about. Is this good or bad for business? Wouldn’t this help us build a hard core following of like-minded people?

My advice is to be (more…)


Google Search Stories Video Creator: a fun way to create YouTube videos

Did you see the Google ad that played during the Superbowl? Who knew a video about Google searches could be so inspiring. For those of you who didn’t see it, here it is: (more…)


Video Production Essentials, Or: What Would Vanilla Ice Do?

Wisdom for the ages from Ice, Ice Baby

Wisdom for the ages from "Ice, Ice Baby"

This list of multimedia rules to live by blew me away so I wanted to share the love. In short, the author recommends that before starting any video production that we follow the advice of Vanilla Ice and we, “Stop, Collaborate and Listen.”

  1. STOP. Before jumping in to a new video project, guns-a-blazin’, ask yourself (more…)

Biggest Mistakes of Amateur Web Video

Before we can learn the specifics of how to create high quality web videos, it’s helpful to take a few minutes (4 to be exact) to review some pitfalls to avoid. Things to avoid are: (more…)


Better Webcam Video Quality (3 of 3)

(3/3) Optimize the Camera Angle

  • Make direct eye contact with the camera.
  • If you’re using notes, try to condense them down to bullet points so you can glance at them and then be looking at the camera before you start speaking again.
  • Position the camera angle at eye level. (more…)

Better Webcam Video Quality (2 of 3)

(2/3) Remove visual distractions

  • Ensure your scene is well-lit without any bright objects in the background.
  • Dress appropriately from the waist up (avoid small patterns and stripes). Wash your face and apply powder if necessary to avoid a shine on your face. (more…)
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Better Webcam Video Quality (1 of 3)

(1/3) Remove audio distractions

  • Minimize noise (A/C or fans, refrigerator, noise outside the window, fluorescent lights, etc.)
  • Internal mics can be very distracting for a screencast
  • Turn off your cell phone (more…)
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