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YouTube users interview President Obama

In recent news, it was announced that YouTube is now the 2nd most popular search engine on the web. What’s that mean? It means YouTube has topped out Yahoo, Bing and every other search engine on the web and is now 2nd only to Google. Let’s face it, YouTube is everywhere and it’s being embraced […]

Video Production Essentials, Or: What Would Vanilla Ice Do?

This list of multimedia rules to live by blew me away so I wanted to share the love. In short, the author recommends that before starting any video production that we follow the advice of Vanilla Ice and we, “Stop, Collaborate and Listen.” STOP. Before jumping in to a new video project, guns-a-blazin’, ask yourself

Helping Google Find Your Videos Using Captions

Most people know that it’s important to label your video with keywords in the title and tags to help with the search engine optimization, but there’s another thing that can also help google index your videos so it’s easier for people to find them. What is the magic ingredient I’m talking about? Captions. Not only […]

Achieving the Pleasantville effect with Final Cut Pro

Have you ever wanted to make your entire video black-and-white and just have a single piece of color shown in the frame? An early use of this was in Schindler’s List but this is frequently referred to as the “Pleasantville” effect. Another excellent film that did a great job of using this effect to make […]

$50,000 video contest on the topic of Free Enterprise

Starting today, is hosting an exciting contest to award the person who can give the create the most compelling example of why they represent Free Enterprise. I love this contest because it’s right in line with the reason I created BIV, to help the dreamers dream big — whether it be an aspiring filmmaker […]

You go (pizza) boy!

I have to hand it to Domino’s. They’ve really taken the idea of social media and led the charge by embracing the 2-way conversation of Web 2.0 and using it to build a better business. This is a conversation I often have with my video production clients when they’re hesitant about making the move toward […]

7 Tips for Better and Faster Video Editing

Are you trying to get the hang of Final Cut Pro? The thing everyone needs to grasp when starting out with FCP is just a little muscle memory. My 7 “muscle tips” are:

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How To Navigate This Blog I started this blog as a way of sharing with people the things I’m learning about web video and creating a community for likeminde video producers to bounce ideas off of one another. To explore this site, you can also click on one of the tabs to filter out which […]

The key to Social Media told in under 5 minutes

Anyone who’s followed the trends of social media can tell you– it pays to be yourself. And what does that mean exactly? In my humble definition, being yourself means being authentic, transparent, self-deprecating, etc. Another idea that was reinforced for me in this video is that social media success also means giving up control and […]

The downside of miniature camcorders like the Flip Mino

Camcorders like the Flip Mino fit in the palm of your hand, are great for traveling, easy to use and cost under $200. So, what could be the downside? The potential problem with these awesome and tiny cameras is that they produce tiny (i.e. compressed) file sizes, which can often be difficult to deal with […]

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