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You go (pizza) boy!

I have to hand it to Domino’s. They’ve really taken the idea of social media and led the charge by embracing the 2-way conversation of Web 2.0 and using it to build a better business. This is a conversation I often have with my video production clients when they’re hesitant about making the move toward social media and letting public opinions become visible for the world to see. Negative comments and criticism isn’t something (more…)


The key to Social Media told in under 5 minutes

Anyone who’s followed the trends of social media can tell you– it pays to be yourself. And what does that mean exactly? In my humble definition, being yourself means being authentic, transparent, self-deprecating, etc. Another idea that was reinforced for me in this video is that social media success also means giving up control and letting your fans take the reigns so your message can take on a life of its own. Click play on the video below to see (more…)


The downside of miniature camcorders like the Flip Mino

flip mino hd

Camcorders like the Flip Mino fit in the palm of your hand, are great for traveling, easy to use and cost under $200. So, what could be the downside? The potential problem with these awesome and tiny cameras is that they produce tiny (i.e. compressed) file sizes, which can often be difficult to deal with when it comes time to edit them with a NLE (non-linear editor). Now, if your plan is to upload video to the web without doing any editing at all, the question of NLE compatibility won’t be an issue. If you are planning on editing your footage, please read on…

Because these camcorders shoot in a compressed format, not all editing software will recognize the footage when you try to import it in. Here’s one user who found (more…)


9 Tips for Viral Video Success (best of 2009)

In 2007, the most viewed YouTube videos were mostly user-generated content. In 2008, the Top 10 list saw a lot of music videos with high production value making the list. In this recap for 2009, you’ll see that user-generated content still has merit when it comes to producing a video with the potential to go viral. To quote Hubspot, the authors of the book Inbound Marketing, the key to going viral is to (more…)


The Most Successful YouTube Producer of 2009

Here’s the YouTube sensation that’s been all the buzz lately. Videos like this are one of the major reasons why was created. If a guy in Uruguay can post a video on a Thursday and have his inbox full of emails from Hollywood producers the following Monday, then it’s clear that anyone can make it in the entertainment industry and YouTube is (more…)

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