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Better Internet Video

Resources to Help You Go From the Small Screen to Center Stage with Just a CLICK, CLICK, BOOM!

Uploading HD video to YouTube

For the past few months, I’ve been uploading videos to YouTube in HD (high definition) using the 720p compression preset in QuickTime. But there’s a problem. After the upload, I play my video in YouTube and the only options are 360p and 480p. How do I get the 720p (or HD) option for my video which was shot and edited at 1280 x 720 resolution? Below is a quick video from a fellow YouTuber who obviously shares my frustration. (more…)

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Video Production Essentials, Or: What Would Vanilla Ice Do?

Wisdom for the ages from Ice, Ice Baby

Wisdom for the ages from "Ice, Ice Baby"

This list of multimedia rules to live by blew me away so I wanted to share the love. In short, the author recommends that before starting any video production that we follow the advice of Vanilla Ice and we, “Stop, Collaborate and Listen.”

  1. STOP. Before jumping in to a new video project, guns-a-blazin’, ask yourself (more…)

Helping Google Find Your Videos Using Captions

For a sample of what closed captioning looks like, you can click on the viewing options button at the bottom-right of your video player in YouTube.

YouTube closed captioning button

Most people know that it’s important to label your video with keywords in the title and tags to help with the search engine optimization, but there’s another thing that can also help google index your videos so it’s easier for people to find them. What is the magic ingredient I’m talking about? Captions. Not only do they help out your hearing-impaired audience, but they also provide even more keywords for google to draw from. Here’s how I added captions for my video, “FCP Muscle Memory.” (more…)

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Achieving the Pleasantville effect with Final Cut Pro

Have you ever wanted to make your entire video black-and-white and just have a single piece of color shown in the frame? An early use of this was in Schindler’s List but this is frequently referred to as the “Pleasantville” effect. Another excellent film that did a great job of using this effect to make a symbolic statement throughout the movie. (Good soundtrack too.) I thought GeniusDV did such a great job explaining the Pleasantville effect (more…)


7 Tips for Better and Faster Video Editing

Are you trying to get the hang of Final Cut Pro? The thing everyone needs to grasp when starting out with FCP is just a little muscle memory. My 7 “muscle tips” are: (more…)


How To Make a Real Estate Video That Sells

Build instant buzz around your next piece of real estate — and your other properties too — using a YouTube video. Here’s a list of suggestions for a video that will fill your next open house with interested buyers: (more…)


Stabilizing a shot with SmoothCam Filter

New to Final Cut Pro 6, Apple added a Smoothcam filter under “Effects > Video Filters > Video > Smoothcam”. This filter works very well considering its all contained within Final Cut Pro, so I tend to use it on a lot of my moving shots as long as there’s not too much shake. Just be aware that (more…)


Biggest Mistakes of Amateur Web Video

Before we can learn the specifics of how to create high quality web videos, it’s helpful to take a few minutes (4 to be exact) to review some pitfalls to avoid. Things to avoid are: (more…)


Better Webcam Video Quality (3 of 3)

(3/3) Optimize the Camera Angle

  • Make direct eye contact with the camera.
  • If you’re using notes, try to condense them down to bullet points so you can glance at them and then be looking at the camera before you start speaking again.
  • Position the camera angle at eye level. (more…)

Better Webcam Video Quality (2 of 3)

(2/3) Remove visual distractions

  • Ensure your scene is well-lit without any bright objects in the background.
  • Dress appropriately from the waist up (avoid small patterns and stripes). Wash your face and apply powder if necessary to avoid a shine on your face. (more…)
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