It ain't easy being cheesy

It ain't easy being cheesy

Let’s face it: sometimes corporate video is just so bad it’s good. This is especially true when I see archival stuff from the 80’s. Recently, however, I see small businesses jumping on the bandwagon to get an internet video for their website and are willing to go with anything as long as they get a video posted.

Either they are trying to give their ad an awkward local commercial vibe or they just don’t realize they’re heading down the path to cheesy video stardom. In either case, here are 5 easy tips to help you look your cheesiest:

  1. Don’t be yourself. Read from a script, especially one that someone else wrote for you. You’re probably not an actor, so trying to be one will surely help you achieve the cheese factor. For bonus suckage, read the script from a teleprompter without any practice so your eyes can be seen darting from side to side or glazing over like a blind person.
  2. Fake backgrounds. Instead of showing yourself in your natural environment where you live or work, be sure to use a studio backdrop with lots of obvious lighting to remind people that they’re not watching a real person. If using a green screen for your background, you’ll want to make it very obvious with a bad key that flickers around the edges of the person who’s talking.
  3. Outdated Music. Incorporate songs from music libraries that are 20+ years old and sound like they were produced with synthesizers you might find at a yard sale full of antiques. Cheesy album artwork is another good indicator of cheesy music. The more a song sounds like elevator music, the better.
  4. Retro graphics. If you use artwork in your video such as a “Lower Third” to display your name, pick something that looks like it was made in the early 80’s, with colors that clash with each other and your company logo.
  5. Bright, bold titles. For title cards, pick the brightest neon color you can find for the text and then pick another neon color for the background color. Green on red is always a good choice. This is sure to make the text both hard to read and painful on the eyes.

For some comic inspiration, here’s a favorite video that one of my readers shared with me which is awesome beyond words. If this couple is pretending to be bad for the sake of getting YouTube views, they are freakin’ brilliant. What do you think of it? Post a comment with your thoughts and/or any cheesy corporate videos you’ve found online. Do you have any other tips to add to my easy cheesy checklist above?

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