I’ve heard it said many times that you should be careful what you write in social networking sites because your words could last forever. How about with video? With all the video blogs out there, it’s pretty easy to just hit that shiny red Record button and start ranting about something you’re fired up about. Is this good or bad for business? Wouldn’t this help us build a hard core following of like-minded people?

My advice is to be tactful and play nice with the words you choose, because that video will leave a lasting impression which will most likely outlive us all. Think of it this way: is the video you’re about to record something you wouldn’t mind if your wife/mother/grandmother stumbled upon and watched? Is the video you’re about to record something that you’d be happy leaving as the only thing people remember about you after you’re dead and gone?

I’d love to read some comments about this post to hear what your experience has been recording and watching videos with (and especially without) tact. As a case in point, I’ll mention Kevin Brueck, whose weekly video blog “The Friday Show” usually doesn’t shy away from offensive language and subject matter. With that being said, I believe his tone avoids sounding hostile, which helps me enjoy his videos more as entertainment than as an awkward and embarrassing train-wreck of a rant. One exception is his video postcard to UC Berkley which, despite his tone sounding hostile, I think it still works because he’s obviously trying to sound like a douche. What do you think?