The Webby Awards come around once a year to recognize the best of the web in categories such as Websites, Interactive Advertising, and — my personal favorite — Online Film and Video. Since 1997, they’ve been helping the average web-surfer navigate the neverending ocean of content to spotlight who’s making the best use of web tools and technology.

Browsing through the nominees for the Film and Video category, I was struck by a familiar name: David Lynch. One of the 5 nominees for Documentary Series is something by called Interview Project which is surprisingly engaging in that it allows you to take a virtual road trip and meet people from all over the country as they talk about their lives in an honest, open manner. While I was watching the latest few episodes, I noticed there was something about the stillness between their words held just as much profound weight as the words themselves. Without realizing it, I found myself getting pulled in deeper into their stories one interview at a time.

David Lynch documentary crew travel the country for Interview ProjectI’ve said for a while now that I’d love to visit the Pacific Northwest because I don’t think I’ve ever met anyone from Montana, Idaho or Wyoming. My favorite part of David Lynch’s Interview Project is the site map which shows the route being traveled by the filmmakers and the hometown of each interviewee. After watching a few interviews from Montana, I feel like I’m one step closer to understanding people from that part of the country that I have yet to visit. Any work of art that can transport us to another world and make us feel connected to a complete stranger is a remarkable achievement. For that, Mr. Lynch, I want to thank you for sharing this gift with the world.

If you’re looking for creative inspiration for your next web project, I highly recommend you skim through the full list of 2010 Webby Award Nominees.

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