I subscribe to a few different video training programs so I can keep up to speed on how other video professionals are perfecting their craft and, just today, I received an announcement from Izzy Video that he’s selling a new discounted version of his normal membership specifically designer for beginners. (NOTE: I’m not receiving any commission for this — I just wanted to share the good news with my readers, many of whom are also video beginners.)

The features he lists in this “Intro To Video” tutorial package include:

  • How to operate a video camera
  • How to capture beautiful imagery using principals of composition
  • How to capture better family video
  • How to add energy to your videos
  • How to find great locations for shooting video
  • Where to get music for your videos
  • and more…

According to his email that just went out today, if you sign up by April 23rd you can save $14 with coupon code 87751, bringing the regular price of the package down from $50 to only $36. Pretty sweet deal!

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