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Get your YouTube video displayed at the Guggenheim Museum

YouTube as digital art

a YouTube fine art exhibit?

Could YouTube be the next curator of fine art? Well, today the Guggenheim Museum launched their YouTube Play contest, which invites YouTube creators to get their most creative videos recognized as digital art. The deadline is July 31, 2010 and a full list of submission criteria is available on their YouTube channel, but here are some of the highlights: Read more

Why Do Internet Video Views Usually Drop Off So Quickly?

The length of your internet video can play a huge factor in how many views it gets. Even though YouTube will let you upload videos up to 10 minutes long, the recommended length that’s cited most often in the world of video marketing is 3 minutes or less. If you reference the graph below, an […]

8 Tips for Starting Your Own Web Video Series

Video blogging (or vlogging) has gained a lot of popularity in recent years and for good reason. They give the feeling of being raw, honest, and can be the perfect way to steadily build an audience over time. Anyone can host a web video series. In fact, being an unconventional host can work in your […]

Pros and Cons of recording video with a DSLR

The new DSLR’s — digital still cameras with interchangable lenses — have recently been getting the attention of a lot of video (and film) producers because of their amazing ability to create video which is on par with the most expensive HD cameras. Case in point: the season finale of “House” was shot entirely on […]

How To Make a Bad Corporate Video in 5 Easy Cheesy Steps

Let’s face it: sometimes corporate video is just so bad it’s good. This is especially true when I see archival stuff from the 80’s. Recently, however, I see small businesses jumping on the bandwagon to get an internet video for their website and are willing to go with anything as long as they get a […]

YouTube Video Marketing Strategy #1: Channel Your Inner Lady Gaga

Getting your internet video seen among the millions of options on YouTube takes a lot of luck and a little bit of strategy. This is the first of what will be an ongoing series of posts on the topic of YouTube viral video marketing strategies. My first piece of advice for getting your video to […]

Best Camcorder for Video Blogging on YouTube

I’m often asked what is the best consumer video camera (i.e. something for $300 or less) to buy for someone looking to get started with video blogging on YouTube. Maybe you don’t plan on reviewing products or sharing your innermost thoughts with the world, so I use the word “video blogging” loosely. Even if you […]

Video Tact: Do You Think Before Hitting the Record Button?

I’ve heard it said many times that you should be careful what you write in social networking sites because your words could last forever. How about with video? With all the video blogs out there, it’s pretty easy to just hit that shiny red Record button and start ranting about something you’re fired up about. […]

My web video wins an international award!

I normally don’t write about my video production company on this blog, but today I had to make an exception because I received my official award letter for my 3rd Place win in the international MCA-I Media Festival for the Public Service Announcement (PSA) I produced titled “Hope At Last.” MCA-I, or Media Communicators Association […]

Get an “Intro To Video” with Izzy Video

I subscribe to a few different video training programs so I can keep up to speed on how other video professionals are perfecting their craft and, just today, I received an announcement from Izzy Video that he’s selling a new discounted version of his normal membership specifically designer for beginners. (NOTE: I’m not receiving any […]

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